Better futures for Wisconsin workers, businesses and communities require skilled workers who are prepared for a growing demand in technical occupations. These skilled jobs call for more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree.

As Wisconsin’s labor force ages and diversifies, we must work hard to build the skills and productivity of our existing adult workforce. Why focus on adult workers? Because over two-thirds of our future workforce includes Wisconsin adults who are currently working. Some 700,000 of these workers lack the skills and training to fill technical jobs, and they earn less than the state’s median wage.

These low-skilled adults can advance to better jobs by participating in manageable education and training programs that help them meet business demands for highly-skilled workers. We provide completely skilled workers and technicians for healthcare and other forces. The international industry requires all type of highly skilled professionals to meet current demand of more workforce by 2021. Here is what our client has to say about service provided by rise partnership

“We required 25 Skilled Healthcare workers at different International locations, with expertise in subjects like fatty liver diet. Rise Partnership was effective in partnering us with the organisations meeting end demands” – Randy from Reboot With Nature 

“…Postsecondary education INSTRUCTION or training has become the threshold requirement for access to middle-class status and earnings in good times and in bad. It is no longer the preferred pathway to middle-class jobs – it is, increasingly, the only pathway.” – (Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements through 2018; Carnevale, Smith, Strohl; 2010)