What is RISE?

RISE is a partnership of the Wisconsin Technical College System and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development whose purpose is to promote development of adult Career Pathways in Wisconsin.  The partnership is funded in part through a “Shifting Gears” grant from The Joyce Foundation.


RISE proposes an intensive process of policy innovation

  • To develop and refine prototype career pathway models and industry-driven pathway training curricula.
  • To realign state-level program and policy to support career pathways in Wisconsin.
  • To implement career pathways in regions throughout the state.

And a new structure of regional opportunity

  • For workers: higher skills, better jobs and a more accessible and navigable training and career advancement system.
  • For employers: a reliable supply of workers whose skills are geared to industry needs.
  • For workforce training and education programs: more effective engagement with industry and more efficient targeting of resources.